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Degrees Weather on iOS and Android
Degrees Weather on Mac

Weather for Mac, iOS & Android

We love our Macs and our mobile devices such as iPhone and Android gadgets too. But what we love even more is when our favorite apps work on all of our favorite platforms. Now, whether you are working at a desk or a mobile device on the go, Degrees' cross-platform support provides you with useful real time and forecast info you need. Get forecasts and temperatures no matter what gadget you want to use.

Multiple location Support

With over 5,000 locations across the US and Canada, Degrees provides useful weather forecasts. With that many locations, we thought it wouldn't be right to make your scroll or flip through all your locations to just to see the one on the end. So we created the multi-location view. On quick view and you can see the current condition and upcoming forecast for all you favorite locations. Need more information? Tap the row to dive into the detailed view.

Weather app with multiple location support
Weather app with current location support

Current location support

On the go a lot? So are we. That's why we added current location support to Degrees. When you enable current location support, Degrees can find the closest location to you and keep you up-to-date. Even when Degrees is in the background it will continue to find the closest locations, update your badge, and send you serve weather notifications.

Weather alert push notifications

Degrees has two push notification features that keep you in the know. The first is our badge notifications. Select your favorite, or your current location and Degrees will push the current temperature right to your home screen. You can also set Degrees to display the wind chill or feels like temperature on your badge. The second feature is our weather alerting system. You can choose which locations you would like to receive push notification alerts for and get instant notifications when severe weather is happening.

Weather alert push notification
NOAA weather radar app

Animated NOAA radar

Thanks to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and Environment Canada, we have full animated radar support for all our American and Canadian locations. Always be in the loop with what's happening around you with the animated map which makes it easy to visualize any weather system with Degrees.

Elegant No-Ads Interface

When we set out to create the best weather app, we knew that a easy to use design was important. With our minimalist style, we've created a clean and easy to use interface with elegant icons. In addition to the visual design though, we implemented VoiceOver on iOS so that Degrees works for those with visual impairment as well.

Weather app without ads

Reviews from our users

Best forecasts for North America

Simple, clear, and uses the governments' forecasts, which have been shown to be more accurate than the private services', like the ones feeding Apple 's app.

tvbgone – March 23rd

Storm Coming

My go to app for weather. Is there a storm in your area and you need to know if it is heading your way? This is the app for you.
Set it up for notifications for your area. Get advance warning of bad weather. All this and more and doesn't burn up your data like other forecast apps.

Suertuda – June 22nd

I can't praise the Degrees app enough

I love this app. It is just unbelievably efficient, appealing and does what it says it does! I will never stop praising this app and the developer for the development of the app, as every update just improves the app that much more! Best purchase I've ever made in the App Store!

Komain72 – August 9th

Great weather forecast app for checking local radar

You can check the radar map yourself to see if the rain or snow is actually gonna hit your area. Way more accurate than the weatherman!

Cobra 3939 – November 3rd